Educational Programs


Together with the State Park Service, we have created a variety of fun and interesting educational programs.  While a few of the programs are more geared toward adults, the majority of the programs we support or offer are family-friendly and provide something for most ages.  Below is a summary of some of those programs.  We create new programs annually to mix with our traditional  favorites. We love fresh ideas! If you do not see anything that appeals to you, email us at


Wading Adventures

Learn about the wonderful estuary underworld while wading and collecting specimens in waist high water. This program begins with a 30-minute discussion on local estuary sea creatures, habitats and how to properly net specimens before wading and collecting marine life.  After specimens are collected, they are examined individually in magnified viewers.  One of the most popular hands-on educational programs we support, this program is fun for ages 5 to 99.  Reservations: CLICK HERE

*The cost for this program is $5 per person.  BIPS members are free! 

The Great Seashell Hunt

ep2BIPS and the Park’s own version of the classic Easter Egg Hunt, but using sea shells instead of eggs!  This program includes a short ten minute talk about our local shells and then participants take to the beach for collecting designated specimens.  Prizes for everyone! Reservations: CLICK HERE

*The cost of this program is $5 per person.  BIPS members are free!



Sea Turtles Everywhere

Sea Turtles are everywhere. This program, presented by one of our local park rangers, will take us on a journey of sea turtle habitats, what they eat, nesting, sizes and much more! Reservations: CLICK HERE

*This program is free.


Calusa Cast Netting

Come learn how to cast net like the Calusa Nation who thrived by fishing in Charlotte Harbor for over 1000 years! Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet, sunscreen and a hat! Fun for all ages over 5! Reservations: CLICK HERE

*The cost for this program is $5 per person.  BIPS members are free!

Mighty Calusa

ep1Over five hundred years ago the Calusa Indians, a complex culture based on fishing rather than agriculture, lived in the Charlotte Harbor area until they met their demise at the hand of invaders.  This program includes an interpretive narrative on the Calusa culture, as well as a demonstration on how shells were used as tools and palm fibers were used to make fishing nets.  Part of the fun will be painting Calusa-like masks out of palm husks. PROGRAM FULL

*The cost for this program is $5 per person.  BIPS members are free!

Shell Talk

Florida has many wonderful shells.  This program discusses local shells, the creatures that live within them and their egg cases.  A beach walk is included in the program to locate your perfect shell to make a necklace as a memory of the day. PROGRAM FULL

*The cost for this program is $5 per person.  BIPS members are free!

Let’s Go to the Wrack!

A guided tour along the wrack line on a local beach will teach participants why it is so important to beach wildlife.  Sea bean necklaces will be created by each person as a memento of their experience. PROGRAM FULL

*The cost of this program is $5.  BIPS members are free!

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Fun for the entire family!  Learn about the natural treasures found on the local beaches before leaving in teams to hunt for specific specimens.  Prizes for first, second and third places! PROGRAM FULL

*The cost for this program is $5.  BIPS members are free!

Those Stunning Shorebirds

This program includes an educational Power Point Presentation about our wonderful local shorebirds and how to identify them, followed by a guided exploration walk. PROGRAM FULL

*This program is free.

Phosphate: Florida’s Gold Rush

At the turn of the century, everyone was looking for phosphate to grow large and healthy plants.  Florida had a lot of it and it was easy to mine.  Almost overnight it became the largest export in the state, it became Florida’s “Gold.”  This program is geared toward adults. PROGRAM FULL

*This program is free.

Pine Needle Basketry

Pine needle baskets were made by early pioneers and some of these sturdy baskets are still in existence today. This is a 2-day class that will teach you how to create your own unique basket out of pine needles. The cost of the class includes supplies to make one small basket.  This class is geared for adults, but children 12 and older are welcome. PROGRAM FULL

*The cost to attend is $25 per person.  BIPS members cost is $20.

*Please note:  Fees for programs does not include the park vehicle fee of $3 per vehicle.


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