Who says learning cannot be fun?

We partner with the Florida State Park Service to create and offer Family-Friendly programs for most ages in a wide range of subjects.


Horseshoe Crab

learn1The most popular program we support is Wading Adventures. Featured at each of our parks, this program showcases estuary sea creatures of all shapes and sizes and thrills ages 5 to 99. We have one young man who has been attending this program for years and enjoyed it so much, he has decided to become a marine biologist. I guess you could say learning can be fun and turn into a career!

Wading Adventures are just one of many programs we have to offer. Please check our calendar to see what else is available. If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know. We love ideas and suggestions!

Beside our Family-Friendly programs, we also offer customized museum tours and customized school visits. To schedule a customized tour or visit, please email: infoatbips@gmail.com or call (941) 964-0060

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