Meet Our Board Of Directors

Some say our Board of Directors is a force to be reckoned with—there are after all 21 of them.  Several of our directors have also been CEO’s and CFO’s in top Fortune 500 companies.  They are leaders in law, finance and business, and have two things in common—a passion for history and the environment, and a deep love for their community.  Running the gamut from participating in nearby clubs to other nonprofits in the area to acting in the local theater company—you can say without a doubt our directors are involved in their community.  And their well-rounded character traits, open mindedness, savvy business sense and love for BIPS help us make good business decisions every day. We are truly grateful to have them on board.

Board of Directors

Gary Ballman – Parks Committee
Lynda Grant – Development Committee   
Mary Anne Hooker 
Clif Kewley – Parks Committee
John Kissinger – Finance and Compensation Committee
Richard Klepser – Parks Committee
Johns Knight – Development Committee
Jay McDonald – Governance Committee 
Sharon McKenzie – Executive Director – All Standing Committees
Elaine McLaughlin – Parks Committee
Dan O’Connell – Parks Committee
Krista Potthast-Haynes – President All Standing Committees
John Rice – Governance and Development Committees 
Peter Sherwood – Development Committee
Bob Sommerville – Treasurer – Finance, Governance and Compensation Committees
Nancy Whitney – Secretary – Development Committee
Dan Wiggin
Tom Wilcox – Development Committee
Ross Witschonke – Development Committee




(941) 964.0060
P.O. Box 637 Boca Grande, FL 33921