Meet Our Staff

We often talk about how much our members, donors and volunteers make a difference and you absolutely do. However, what you might not realize is that by supporting BIPS and its mission you also allow us, its staff, to make a difference. Without your support, our staff would not be here. So thank you for your support and your belief in us. We know with a concerted effort our parks and history will be protected for generations to come. We also know together we are one powerful team!

  Sharon McKenzie
Executive Director
  Jennifer Summers Lighthouse Gift Shop Manager     
  Holly Krouse Camp Store Manager   Debbie Eisbrener   Gasparilla Island Lighthouse Coordinator    
  Cookie Brunner
Sales Associate
  Karen Smith
Sales Associate

Shelly Thompson Communications Coordinator



(941) 964.0060
P.O. Box 637 Boca Grande, FL 33921