School Tours

schoolOne of our favorite things is having children visit the museum and our parks.  We believe educating a young mind is the key to keeping our parks beautiful, protecting endangered species and historic structures, and keeping our local history alive.  Children are the future of our planet.

Most of our school visits consist of a museum tour and a shell talk.  However did you know that we have had schools conduct science experiments on the beach or ask for specialized programs?  We actually are very flexible and offer a variety of programs many of which can be custom created for your class.  If you would like a customized program, please call us at 941.964.0060 to discuss it.  We love creating them, but need plenty of advance notice (usually 60 days) to produce a new program.

Whether asking for a customized program or one of our standard tours and talks, it is important to call or email us well in advance to book your trip.  Our museum is very small and can only accommodate one tour at a time.  Oftentimes we may need to split your class in half in order to conduct a tour and talk.  However, when we “flip-flop” the groups, it gives the opportunity for kids to learn different things in different venues which they seem to like.

All our parks have picnic tables for lunch and snacks, and comfort stations with drinking fountains to make your visit more comfortable.  However, we ask that you do have parents provide sunscreen, hats, extra water and appropriate clothing and shoes for the children’s visit with us.  Florida sun can be brutal on young delicate skin and dehydration can be dangerous.

If you have any questions regarding your visit, please call 941.964.0060 or complete a school tour form by selecting the link below.  Someone from our staff will call you to discuss your upcoming visit.

School Tours Form Click Here


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